On the northern edge of the black forest, in the heart of the "golden town" of Pforzheim, jewellers H.F. Bauer create the finest gold and platinum wirstwatches offering a degree of variety unparalleled in Europe. Genuinely German in origin, our exquisite timepieces ar well-known to connoisseures and watch enthusiasts in Germany and throughout the world. They combine classic good looks with superb workmanship and the utmost precision.

The origin of the watch brand H.F. Bauer goes far back:
In 1924 Herman Friedrich Bauer founded with his three sons the company H.F. Bauer. Since there watch case are manufactured, complete watches and watch bands of precious metal. From the alloy from its own smelter to the finished product remains the manufacturing process in-house. H.F. Bauer is therefore a with law in Germany produced watch. Timeless design combined with the resistance of the gold making H.F. Farmer to a special creation. A horological masterpiece that his mytos and its uniqueness Since 2011 the watches are manufactured by Astrath.

Video HF Bauer by ASTRATH